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Leah Remini
Is Leah Remini A Smoker?
Leah Remini's Daughter....?
Leah Remini or the Church of Scientology?
Will leah remini and kevin james ever act together again?
Does Kevin James Need Leah Remini?

Last update: 2014-12-19 16:32:03
Jenny Slate
How can I tell Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate apart?
Who else hates Jenny Slate on SNL?!?
Did Jenny Slate Say The "F-Word" On Saturday Night Live (SNL) With Host Megan Fox?
What was the last thing you googled?
Where exactly in the Saturday Night Live sketch did Jenny Slate drop the "F-Bomb?"?

Last update: 2014-12-19 16:31:26
Nicki Minaj Nip Slip
What's your reaction to the Nicki Minaj 'nip-slip'?
Where can I find the Nicki Minaj photo?
Could someone tell me where to find the nicki minaj double nip slip uncenserd?
RHH-niki minaj nip slip ?
Where can i find the double nip slip video of nicki minaj which occured on shooting high school video with lil wayne?

Last update: 2014-12-19 12:31:13
The Interview Trailer
Link to twilight movie trailer and interviews on youtube?
Interviews with the Trailer Park Boys cast when they aren't in character?
Team Jacob, Edward or Both? P.S. Did you see the Jacob interview/trailer?!?
How was Sony able to release the Interview trailer?
Is there any clips of a catwoman dark night rises teaser trailer online and any recent interviews?

Last update: 2014-12-19 09:56:55
Serial Podcast
Does anyone on here listen to the serial podcast?
Any good story podcasts?
Can anyone recommend a good podcast?
Hi, can you help me out? I would like to find a detailed and accurate site about serial killers.?
Would I have to contact the Onion Satire website about calling my podcast The Onion Podcast?

Last update: 2014-12-19 12:29:33
Jimmy Clausen
Skill Comparison Between Sam Bradford vs Jimmy Clausen?
Cam Newton over Jimmy Clausen?
Why don't these "draft experts" like Jimmy Clausen?
Who Has The Better Potential To Be A QB In The NFL: Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy?
Jimmy Clausen to Panthers?

Last update: 2014-12-19 12:29:19
Stephen Collins
Stephen Dando Collins?
Why is Stephen Collins Foster important to American history?
Is stephen collins from 7th heaven an only child?
So the Stephen Collins story true or just a wife out for revenge?
Are there any "Stephen Collins" fans out there?

Last update: 2014-12-18 22:21:51
Bobby Shmurda
Who is Bobby Shmurda?
Thoughts on Bobby Shmurda?
Bobby Shmurda full album ?
How old is bobby shmurda?
SMACK SQUAD (YoungCSmack) vs GS9 (Bobby Shmurda)?

Last update: 2014-12-18 22:20:03
Who Won The Voice 2014
Is there a voice changer that works on skype for 2014?
When Is the voice 2014 season over?
Who do you think is going to win American idol 2014? Sam Woolf Alex Preston Caleb Johnson Jessica Meuse or Jena Irene?
Who do you think will win the 2014 World Cup?
SM Entertainment 2014?

Last update: 2014-12-18 10:05:38
Voice Winner 2014
Do you like conchita wurst(winner of eurovision 2014)?
Who do you think will win the NFC North?
2014 KCAs predictions, thoughts???
Who do you think will win the NFC East?
Absolute Wrestling Federation, Raw Ep. 1. Please read and rate?

Last update: 2014-12-19 05:59:49
Happy Hanukkah
What is happy hanukkah?
Happy Hanukkah ......................?
How do you say happy hanukkah?
Should i wish my boyfriend a happy hanukkah?
Happy Hanukkah! from a Muslim?

Last update: 2014-12-18 10:07:10
Winner Of The Voice 2014
Do you like conchita wurst(winner of eurovision 2014)?
Who do you think will win the NFC North?
2014 KCAs predictions, thoughts???
Who do you think will win the NFC East?
We are looking for a week holiday in kerala especially in kumarakom?Prefer some budget stay with best choice?

Last update: 2014-12-18 10:08:03
Craig Wayne Boyd
What is the name of this song?
If we are going to have a UK team at the 2012 Olympics what will be the future team?
What are some good "rancher"/cowboy names???
Ok...since a few of you didn't understand?
Some suggestions for 'country' boy names?

Last update: 2014-12-17 22:18:16
Who Won The Voice
Who won The Voice Finale!?
What are my chances of winning the voice?
Who do you want to win the voice?
Which judges have won the voice?
Whos going to win the voice?

Last update: 2014-12-17 22:15:59
Matt McAndrew
Can anyone give me the lyrics to the song Hurt me again by Matt McAndrew?
How many current MLB players have fathers who were former players?
Where can I find a list of Oregon State University's players? (Football)?
What's the best reference on crop rotation?
Can anyone name every celebrity that has participated in 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' from each season

Last update: 2014-12-17 22:17:20
The Interview
Whataburger 2nd interview?
Waitrose group interview?
Advice for job interview?
Grocery store job interview?
Panera Bread job interview?

Last update: 2014-12-17 22:16:39
Vivek Murthy
In a last effort to throw acid in the face of humanity, Dems push in Dr. Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General. How can we stop his gun control?
Did the GOP really filibuster the nomination of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy over his position on guns?
Is it over the line for a Surgeon General nominee to say "Bullets are bad for your health"?
Obama summer 2014 ?
Why hasn't President Obama named a new Attorney General or Surgeon General to succeed those who've quit?

Last update: 2014-12-17 10:16:08
Wassily Kandinsky
Who is wassily kandinsky?
Wassily Kandinsky art question?
Analysis of the composition VII by wassily kandinsky?
Is Kandinsky the inventor of abstract painting?
Can you give me wassily kandinsky facts please?

Last update: 2014-12-16 22:42:01
Titi Branch
What is the title of the CD where titi winterstein, Lulu Reinhardt & Klaus Brutter plays together?
Does any one know anything about Silkener by Miss. Jessies (Natural Hair Product)?
Christians how do you reason these comparisons?
Recommend Me #1 - Music to add to my Last.FM Station?
Recommend Me #1 - Music?

Last update: 2014-12-17 23:31:45
Luke Bryan
Song lyrics please help 10 points!?
I love luke bryan...whos with me?
Cute country quotes, especially luke bryan!? ;) hhelp!?
What are some good song of these country artists?
Poster ideas for Luke Bryan?

Last update: 2014-12-17 10:36:19
Is All Health Insurance Now Through Healthcare.gov (Obamacare)?
What if healthcare.gov didn't have any glitches? Would it matter?
If Obama hadn't given a No Bid contract to his wife's friend, would healthcare.gov have worked?
Scary thought on gov. healthcare?
Do you think CBS News is right that healthcare.gov is drastically underestimating a policy cost?

Last update: 2014-12-16 22:39:52
Is Roman Catholicism closer to true Anglicanism than the Evangelical wing of the Anglican church in Sydney?
What u know about AUSTRALIA / Sydney ?
Information about moving to Sydney?
Renting prices in Sydney?
Why was the settlement called sydney?

Last update: 2014-12-15 22:59:51
Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley Car?
Who is watching WWE Raw tonight? I'll DVR it so, I can fast forward thru Todd Chrisley...What are your thoughts on him being a guest host?
Does straighter than straight Todd Chrisley's Roswell accent make him seem gay?
Are Todd Chrisley and Lindsey Graham "Special Friends"?

Last update: 2014-12-15 22:57:36
What are the mumps ????
Help fighting the mumps?
Mumps - symptoms?
How dangerous is mumps?
Whatz d affective treatments for mumps?

Last update: 2014-12-15 11:02:19
Martin Freeman
How can I meet Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman?
Martin freeman loves jam?
Does 'Martin Freeman' make the best choice for Bilbo Baggins?
Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman?
Tv show/Film where Martin Freeman wears a green shirt acts silly with bread?

Last update: 2014-12-15 10:47:36
Heisman Trophy winners
Heisman trophy winner ?
Heisman Trophy winners...?
How many heisman trophy winners from winning team?
Has one state produced 2 back to back national football champions, and 2 Heisman trophy winners?
What makes a heisman trophy winner?

Last update: 2014-12-19 09:21:31
The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies book?
In the book "The Hobbit," who fights in the Battle of the Five Armies?
Did George Washington defeat the British at the Battle of Five Armies, or the Battle of Pelennor Fields?
Hobbit 3 elf HELP?
Would you go watch "The Hobbit: Battle of five armies" ?

Last update: 2014-12-19 09:21:34
Army Navy Game 2014
Why have the College Football Playoff pick before the Army/Navy game?
How does the Armed Forces College football team work?
I want to know somethig about Military World Games being organised by the Indian Armed Forces in Oct 2007.?
Should I join the Army?
What are my chances of getting an Army ROTC four year scholarship?

Last update: 2014-12-19 07:04:48
Marco Polo
Whats the full lyrics to bow wow marco polo?
Short bio on Marco Polo ?
Where did Marco Polo traveled from?
Who was Marco Polo?
Any facts about Marco Polo?

Last update: 2014-12-19 06:03:32
Ginger Zee
Did ginger zee leave GMA?
Name All The Ginger Things You Can!?
Where did ginger zee of gma go?
Would you rather have sex with Ginger Zee or Lara Spencer?
Where did Ginger Zee get the dress she wore on GMA on May 27, 2013?

Last update: 2014-12-19 14:35:24
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